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9 Ways to Integrate Ajax with CodeIgniter

9 Ways to do Ajax with CodeIgniter

9 Ways to do Ajax with CodeIgniter

How to CodeIgniter, jQuery & JSON
This screenscast is for those who are looking for an extremely simple explanation and demonstration for sending and receiving data asynchronously via jQuery Post and JSON. About two years ago I really struggled with this concept so I figure there are probably others who will find this information useful. I would have been extremely happy to find something like this when I was learning (and frustrated).

Making CodeIgniter’s Profiler Ajax Compatible
Modern web applications almost all make use of AJAX to enhance their user appeal. However, AJAX can be hard to debug, especially when all the traditional tools do little to help. When doing standard PHP coding CodeIgniter (CI) offers a profiler which will be appended to the bottom of generated pages. This article will show you how to make CodeIgniter’s profiler Ajax compatible.

Easy Ajax Post with jQuery and CodeIgniter
I’ve seen quite a few people come into the CodeIgniter forums asking how to use jQuery’s built in AJAX functionality to post to a CodeIgniter function. In this tutorial I will walk you through creating the form, writing the jQuery, posting to the function, and working with handling the result. It’s actually really easy.

CodeIgniter Ajax Pagination
The pagination links provided by the create_links function in CodeIgniter’s Pagination class may not be appropriate for all cases. After-all clicking on these links will do page load which may not be desired on many situation. We may be interested to invoke a javascript function while clicking these links for doing AJAX style pagination. Still we want to use all other features provided by CodeIgniter’s Pagination class. This can be accomplished simply.

Using jQuery to Manipulate Data Returned by Controller Method
I’ve been asked to create a dashboard for many devices across our network. To display real-time information on each component, I’m thinking of using Web services, and AJAX. Like most aspects of coding, using a framework to do all the heavy lifting, rather than developing your own, is a sensible approach. This article using jQuery to list continents. Clicking on a continent will return a list of countries in that continent.

This article may not teach you everything about manipulating data with jQuery in CodeIgniter but if will introduce some nice points of information to you.

Simple jQuery Ajax with CodeIgniter
This series of 4 screencasts looks at getting jQuery setup with CodeIgniter and also delves into some of the jQuery Ajax functions to use like the $.get request and also the $.post request passing simple data between them. The final part of the series looks at the $.ajax request which is very powerful.

A Quick CodeIgniter and jQuery Ajax Tutorial
The following step-by-step tutorial will show you how to combine the power of JQuery (a javascript library that weighs in at about 20k) with Code Igniter (a PHP framework based on the MVC design pattern) to quickly and painlessly pass a record ID through the javascript and over to the server, where it will be passed to a mysql database, used to retrieve some data, and sent back to the page for display.

Ajax Examples with xajax and CodeIgniter
This website is dedicated to demonstrate Ajax examples written in PHP with xajax and Code Igniter. If you are a user of xajax, this website will help you get acquainted to using xajax with CodeIgniter. The examples are simple and not overly complex, so they should be good to get your feet wet. The examples include things such as: Auto Suggest, Calculator, Random Photos and others.

CodeIgniter Sample Auto-Complete Application
Derek Allard is Technology Architect at EllisLab (the creators of CodeIgniter) and the programmer behind BambooInvoice a popular Open Source invoicing application built on CodeIgniter. In this video tutorial, Derek shows you how to build a sample auto-complete application using CodeIgniter. The full code for the application is also available for download. It should be mentioned that this application and video tutorial are not affiliated with CodeIgniter. Derek built it simply as a way to help expand interest in Code Igniter, and experiment a little bit with screen casting.

Hopefully these links will help you integrate Ajax with your CodeIgniter application. Know of other articles or links about Ajax with CodeIgniter? Post them in the comments below and share with all the other “choosers” out there!

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  3. Nice tutorial…., You can have the prototype framework also or you can built an ajax from scratch without using any framework.

  4. How can we post an ajax request in a controller. Not through html page

    • If I’m understanding you right, I think you’re talking about processing it in the controller rather than from within the view. You could always use jQuery’s load method for that. Let me know if that helps any.

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  10. Nice post! I like to use codeigniter with jquery’s ajax method and the jeditable plugin. For instance you click on a piece of text and jeditable injects a form into the html, hit enter and it will post the data to a controller you specify. It’s really easy to use. Anyway…cheers!

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